Setup WhatsApp

Install WhatsApp

You need to install WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business so that you can connect your phone number to our service.
Please use one of the links to install the app:


Apple App Store
Google Play Store

WhatsApp Business:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

Open WhatsApp

Before you continue, please ensure that your phone number that you want to use, is able to receive SMS or phone calls.
It is not required that your phone number is in the same smartphone that you want to use for WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp after you have installed it. Agree the Terms of Service by clicking on the button.
If you are asked to use a pre-defined number (in most cases WhatsApp detects the current number of your SIM card), press `Use a different number`

Verify your phone number

Now you need to enter your phone number and verify this number via a SMS or phone call. Enter your country and phone number.
Then click on Next.

Confirm your phone number by clicking on `Ok`.
WhatsApp will send you an SMS. Enter the 6-digit code in this SMS in the input field.

If you are not able to receive SMS, wait a few seconds and click on Call me.
WhatsApp will call you immediately. Accept the call, listen to the 6-digit code that the voice is telling you
and enter this code in WhatsApp.

Accept device permissions

Allow WhatsApp to get access to your contacts and media. Click on Continue.

Click on `Allow` to give access to your contacts.
Click on `Allow` to give access to your photos and media on your device.
Click on `Skip` to disable backups. Backups are not required for our service.

Create your business profile (only for WhatsApp Business)

Now you need to create your business profile. Enter your shop name and select a category.
When a person will receive a message, this name will be the username the person sees in WhatsApp.

Click on `Not now` to skip creating a catalog. We do not need to make use of this feature. Feel free to create a catalog later if you would like to.

Edit your business profile (only for WhatsApp Business)

You have created your WhatsApp Business profile.
If you would like to correct or change your profile, click on the three dots in the top right corner.

Click on `Settings` and then click on `Business tools`. There you can edit your profile any time.

Connect WhatsApp - Step #1

Now we need to connect WhatsApp with one of your instances. Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
Click on Linked devices.

Click on `Ok` WhatsApp informs you about the "Linked devices" feature.

Click on `Ok` or on `Link a device` if you have already connected a device.
Click on `Continue` and on `While using the app` if WhatsApp asks for the device permissions to use the camera. You need to give these permissions to scan the QR-Code of your instance.

Connect WhatsApp - Step #2

For the next step you need the QR-Code of the instance you want to connect with this phone number.
You can either use the QR-Code endpoint to receive the current QR-Code
of a specific instance, or you can log in into your account, navigate to your instances and
select the instance you want to use and scan its QR-Code.

Scan this QR-code with your smartphone camera.
After the scan is completed, your phone number is successfully connected with your instance. The [status](/docs/1.0/api/instances/client-status) of your instance will change from `qr` to `ready` after some seconds.

Successfully connected

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your phone number with your instance.

{danger} Please notice that your WhatsApp number might get banned by WhatsApp if you violate their policies or if you send too many messages in a short interval (we recommend to use a delay of at least 15 seconds). So maybe you need to change your phone number sometimes if you get banned.
Please check our blog article.